Nokia throws the prices in mobile

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\#, who remains the company with the bigger figures of sales of mobile appliances, decided it decreases her prices at 15% in Europe from the beginning of this month.

this movement becomes via pressures from new companies in the space of – mainly Eastern origin that promotes cheap and accessible appliances, as well as from the companies as and that offers a lot “possible” models. Steven Elop, CEO of Nokia, reported that until lansaristoyn mobile that they will use functional her, it expects sales of her Symbian of mobile height of 150 millions of appliances.

Nokia suffers in any case, after already it has more than lost the 25% of “pie of” market smartphones from mentioned before Apple and Samsung as well as from the remainder companies that use Android and Windows Phone functional.

Finally, according to the estimates of analysts of industry, Nokia is to report negatively data regarding in her income and for the second quarter 2011.

Source: techgear

MSI WindPad 110W, new tablet

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a news is ready launches in the market, WindPad 110W.

Is provided with screen of 10 inches with analysis 1280 x 800 and for processor uses the binuclear AMD Brazos.

Allocates memory RAM DDR3 in the 2 GB that it can reach until 4 GB, and stocking space SSD in the 32 or 64 GB.

Naturally are not absent Wi-Fi, mini-HDMI, doors USB. Bluetooth, 2 kameres and it comes with proegkatestimena Windows 7.

\of # new tablet MSI will make his appearance in the bookshelves of shops in the first days of August, with his price to exceed the 600 dollars.

iPhone: How you change him in professional photographic machine

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do the All experts agree that the lens does play important &amp? #8211? if no the more important &amp? #8211? role in the reception of qualitative photographs.

Somehow thus thought the company “Photojojo” and it presented a special element, which after it is adapted in his camera, can accept the all professional lenses of Canon and Nikon, that is regularly intended for the DSLR machines. This accessory costs roughly 200 dollars.


Of course, as it appears also from the pictures that follow, the size of this lenses perhaps make popular mobile her show lightly “curious” &amp? #8230?

Source: Newsbeast

Atlantis [en] [ptisei] in the last mission of spatial bus

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the forecasts for storm the “hour zero” were not finally confirmed, and Atlantis ektoxeytike Friday in the last mission of spatial bus then from 30 years of action.

At least 750. did 000 persons travel in the Cape Canaveral in order to do become witnesses of historical launch &amp? #8211? kosmosyrroi that reminded the missions Apollo in the Moon the decades 1960 and 1970.

Up to late the afternoon, her meteorological service gave 70% probability of postponement of launch because rain.

Finally did not wet, the horror film however climaxed when the reverse measurement stopped for little in the 31 seconds. H process was continued, up to the burn in the 18. 26 hour Greece, bringing alleviation in their thousands employees of NASA and the enormous public of spectators in the all world.

Source: tanea

Acer Aspire TimelineX, renewed line notebook

Posted by admin | Technology and Gadgets | Friday 13 January 2012 1:26 pm

H decided it renews the line Aspire TimelineX, so much in designing, what in the technical characteristics.

Thus we meet 3830T, 4830T and 5830T with screens 13. 1, 14. 1 and 15. 6 inches respectively.

In the processors exists the possibility of choice between t o ys new Sandy Bridge Core i3 and Core i5 of Intel, and in the card graphic between Intel HD Graphics 3000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M.

At the same time, are not absent Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3. 0, HDMI, USB, VGA, while come with proegkatestimena Windows 7 Home Premium.

renewed TimelineX 3830T, 4830T, 5830T are already available, with their prices are fixed in the 799, 699 and 599 dollars respectively.

Microsoft asks supply from Samsung

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Supply of 15 dollars asks from for each appliance that it produces, because a lot of elements software that uses Samsung, are covered by patents.

Samsung, who is brought allocated it negotiates the sum, is not the alone company that is found confronted with similar situation. The himself has also become with, who pays 5 dollars for each appliance that it produces.

Source: Newsbeast

Apple: iPad 2 Plus [anti] the iPad 3?

Posted by admin | Technology and Gadgets | Monday 9 January 2012 7:02 pm

the fame that finally will not circulate 3 but iPad 2 Plus this

Nokia: The essential companion for your travels

Posted by admin | Technology and Gadgets | Monday 9 January 2012 7:00 pm

the rise of temperature reminds us that reached the hour of interruptions. Whoever is also your destination, it is likely you find toward t o his dilemma how choresete all essential, in the limited space of your baggages. Why therefore paketarete those who more you can in mobile you? Today, all him they offer the possibility of reception of photographs and video. However mobile Nokia include also a system of pilotage, tourist drivers, auxiliary applications on your travel and a lot of other.

Ovi Maps and pilotage via mobile, in order to you are not lost never

For beginning, you remove from your baggages the enormous charts and the bulky tourist drivers. Nokia offers to you free of charge their chart Ovi Maps, which cover more from 180 countries and allocate possibility of phonetic pilotage for pedestrians and drivers, in a lot of languages, inter alia and in the Greek. For the better possible pilotage you can charge free of charge in the mobile you them chart of place of your interruptions even front you begin your travel. The charts allocate the last briefing and you help you locate the all sights of region, you take information with regard to the means of mass transport, you are informed for the time and the circulation in the streets, you read the description of points that is found near to you and presents interest, but also to take more advices for from 80 cities in entire the world.

With the applications of Ovi Store, the interruptions become still more pleasant

the users of smartphones Nokia can lower immediately countless applications from Ovi Store. Nokia proposes to you certain dorean applications that will make your interruptions more pleasant and to you will offer big help during your travels.

Lonely Planet Live

Author: Lonely Planet

Price: Free of charge

Link: http://store. ovi. com/content/10505

For whoever it would want more information with regard to a tourist destination, exists the application Lonely Planet Live. The application, after it locates the geographic place of user via GPS, lowers automatically the pio his relative information from site  Lonely Planet.

Stream Thru-Travel Assistant

Author: Mantic Point

Price: Free of charge

Link: http://store. ovi. com/content/29639

With the application Stream Thru-Travel Assistant the users can store in mobile their all important information with regard to the itineraries of their travel, check likely changes of last moment in the hours of their flights, be informed with regard to the circulation and meteorological in the place of their destination, as well as they accept information on interesting events that are organised at the duration of their eve.

Pocket Parrot

Author: Touch Titans

Price: Free of charge

Link: http://store. ovi. com/content/68885

Be complicated to find the correct word when you find themselves in a country where all do speak a foreigner to you language? The users of Pocket Parrot can type simply the word that searches and have her translation in 28 different languages.

Currencies Touch

Author: Offscreen

Price: Free of charge

Link: http://store. ovi. com/content/14089

Currencies Touch could be proved useful in those who they travel except the area of Euro. The application allows in the user to change the prices in 153 different currencies, always using the most recent parities.

did Porsche and LaCie announce the new line of exterior hard disks P&amp? 039? 9000

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In collaboration with Porsche Design Group, our acquaintance LaCie announced the new line of exterior hard disks P `9000. Two publications, a is &amp? quot? mobile&amp? quot? and a &amp? quot? desktop&amp? quot? that satisfy different needs and requirements.

were more concretely announced LaCie Porsche Design Mobile P `9220 and Desktop P `9230, that thanks to the made of aluminium sheath and their aperitti frugal aesthetics, allocates certain remarkable characteristics. As an example, the made of aluminium wrapping is not engraved while he is particularly durable in order to it protects the hard disks in their interior.

Moreover, the made of aluminium wrapping functions also as psyktra and is 100% recycled. And the two exterior hard disks make use of USB 3. 0 interface. Prosferonai with computational backup, possibility eco mode for the reduction of consumption as well as with computational password protection but also with possibility of use of service Wuala secure online storage until 10GB. LaCie Porsche Design Mobile P `9220 circulates in capacities of 500GB and 1TB while is expected also a model in the 750GB. LaCie Porsche Design Desktop P `9230 circulates in capacities of 1TB and 2TB. Their cost begins from the $104. 99.

the code names of Southern Islands GPUs of AMD [dierreysan]

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In a precocious publication of next publication of AMD Catalyst 11. 7 drivers discovered certain were registrations that likely they constitute the code names of next generation of processors of graphic AMD that have code name &amp? quot? Southern Islands&amp? quot? .

the family of Southern Islands will be constituted from GPUs with planning VLIW4 SIMD and will be manufactured in scale 28nm. According to those who they were discovered, one of leading GPUs of family Southern Islands it has the name Tahiti. Most likely it is we see two cards graphic based on the particular GPU.

the card graphic that will incorporate two processors of graphic type Tahiti (dual-GPU) has the code name New Zealand while two names that were still discovered are Thames and Lombok however only affairs can become for their place in the family Southern Islands of – if it is high force or lower etc. Up to in the fall, that they will be presented new GPUs of AMD in the market, we will have we say. More details you can read for.

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