Nokia throws the prices in mobile

Posted by admin | Technology and Gadgets | Wednesday 18 January 2012 9:55 am

\#, who remains the company with the bigger figures of sales of mobile appliances, decided it decreases her prices at 15% in Europe from the beginning of this month.

this movement becomes via pressures from new companies in the space of – mainly Eastern origin that promotes cheap and accessible appliances, as well as from the companies as and that offers a lot “possible” models. Steven Elop, CEO of Nokia, reported that until lansaristoyn mobile that they will use functional her, it expects sales of her Symbian of mobile height of 150 millions of appliances.

Nokia suffers in any case, after already it has more than lost the 25% of “pie of” market smartphones from mentioned before Apple and Samsung as well as from the remainder companies that use Android and Windows Phone functional.

Finally, according to the estimates of analysts of industry, Nokia is to report negatively data regarding in her income and for the second quarter 2011.

Source: techgear

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